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Two months down the road and I have to say that online dating is not for everyone, particularly if you are female and above 30.

I say this because I have friends online who are younger and seem to attract more hits than me. No, I am not being jealous or bitter. It’s a general observation. Heck, I even put in a pretty decent picture and profile.  It’s just a fact of life. Most guys are attracted to younger women who seem less jaded or cynical. Younger women are also less likely to ask hard questions until much later into a relationship. 

Just because a woman is older does not mean that she is only focused on settling down. She is just more discerning about the people she gets to know before she commits to anything. 

That said, I have to commend some of the guys who actually take the time to craft out some really intricate emails. I’ve received emails that resemble resumes, to ‘call me at xxxx’ and total life histories. What is up with that? What happened to saying hi, can tell me more about yourself? 

One thing that turned me off the site was coming across an acquaintance’s profile. This was a married man with three kids who clicked on my profile to check me out. *shudder* WTF dude?! Does your wife know what you are doing? I know that marriages are not perfect but to be on a dating site, checking out or doing god-knows-what with other women is disgusting. 

To be fair, aside from the usual assholes who just want sex (and there are a lot who trawl dating sites), there have been one or two guys who have been pretty decent. So where does this leave me? With a few new friends, I guess. It’s been somewhat of an interesting ride but not a channel that I intend to pursue. I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations but that’s about it. I’m not too fussed about jumping into anything without checking things out first or feeling comfortable enough without being pressured. 

Am I limiting my dating chances? Yes. But then again, I don’t see the point of meeting everyone I chat with. I’d rather meet people that I am comfortable with. Complicated and demanding? True, but then again I have to employ some sort of personal filtering process in order to protect my interests. If I am cautious, I’ll bet that some of these fellas are too. And yes, I know that some men are sluts. There is no help for the damned, I tell you.

If you are wondering where my sense of adventure is, it’s still here. Experience has taught to not take anything or anyone at face value hence my approach tends to lean toward caution. 

Talk about a reality check! Well, back to the drawing board. I still have one more month on this site, so we shall see who else pops up.

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