Poppin' it

How amazing was that? The movements just seem to melt into each other. And yes, his name is Salah...no mistake there. Wish I could move like that. I look like a retarded chicken in comparison. Trust me, people have seen and almost died from it.

This video reminds me of the time when a good friend decided to stage a short exotic performance in a pub on a dare some years back. While I applaud the guts it took to do such a thing alone, what made everyone gasp (and almost die of mortification) was the fact that she decided to writhe on the pub floor. Yes, the very floor that has been danced, puked and spat on by everyone and their uncle. *gags* Needless to say, the wrong thing has been branded in our minds forever. 

I'm sticking to my belief that pub floors are not in any way meant for writhing on. Unless you are in agony. Or dying.

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