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As you  know, I've been eternally grousing about how salsa dancers need not as svelte as ballet dancers and here's proof. Been watching a couple of videos from the World Salsa Championships and it's more of a testament to a dancer's skill than it is only to her body or weight.

Just look at these couple of videos:

Sure, the ladies are bigger but then again, they also move with a confidence and assurance that puts newer (and some slimmer) performers to shame. Plus, they can do whatever a smaller girl can, so I don't see why we should only focus on body types or highlight slimmer girls only. I get it that slimmer people present better silhouettes but just focusing solely on them presents the wrong picture. It makes people who are bigger sized more self conscious and less likely to want to learn to dance. That is the antitheses of salsa which celebrates the love of dance and movement for everyone.

Hey, most of us are not small sized so please take note!

Grousing aside, I did watch some other amazing couples such as Edier and Luisa. This couple placed 2nd in the Cabaret category. Cabaret is the category where the couples focus on dips and tricks in their performance in addition to dancing. This is probably the most physically demanding of the categories

and Anchi and Anne, whose performance I really enjoyed because they looked like they were having so much fun. In case you were wondering, they came in 2nd in the On2 category.

The On2 champions are Luis and Anya

And in the On1 category, Christina and Liz. On1 is still the style I dance in but it seems like the performance team I'm with will be migrating into On2 next year. I can't wait!

What's life without a little inspiration to keep you going? ;)


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