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Despite my eternal disdain of airports, I love the freedom of travel.  There is something about packing up and going to another country that really perks me up – That and getting the chance to wander around a new country, city or just place.

A ‘hello world, here I come!’ So yea, you have to save some money, depending on where you want to go but just the thought of leaving to explore new ground cheers me immensely. The other thing that travel brings is the opportunity to catch up with friends who are no longer in Singapore. More often than not, it is these friends that I stay with on my trips. I don’t have expectations of partying till dawn or wining and dining...just of great company. After all, emails and chats only work up to a point.

Don’t get me wrong, Singapore is great. It is part of who I am and my family and closest friends are here. Somehow I don’t feel as connected or as settled. There is an innate restlessness and dissatisfaction that makes me want to head out and take my chances elsewhere. It extends to more than just travelling, sometimes I just feel like running off and never returning. Talk about issues. Ha.

Part of this desire stems from the love of the road. The other one is probably just me being grouchy but Singaporeans are getting more passive-aggressive. Over time, I realise that the people around me either lose their identity to become ‘Singaporeanized’ (eg. constantly moaning and complaining that they have no choice in life) or eventually becoming so complacent that they go through the motions because things are simpler that way. Why fight the system when you can never win?

I’m not fighting the system neither am I saying that you should (well, unless you have a good solution to back you up). I believe that a more fulfilling life means experiencing things; to have an opinion which fuels your passion for living. There has to be some form of fire of spark that fuels you! Somehow that bit is lacking in a lot of the people I encounter here. Even squeezing an honest opinion out is like squeezing a stone for milk. The most tiring thing being that people feel that their opinion is the opinion of the masses. Good lord. Grow some balls.

Ah well, to each his own, I suppose. 

For now, I’m going to pack my bags and head off for another adventure.

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