Pole-ar opposites

Dance, in whichever form or genre is always inspirational.

For me, the form of dance that you chose to pursue does not mean that you should close your mind to other things. In the pursuit of being a better dancer, it is pretty important to take up complementary dance forms to prove your flexibility, body control or even strength and fluidity. Not everyone is born a dancer (or anything for that matter), it's something that can be trained. And there is no such thing as you cannot do something. You can. It's a matter of whether you want to pursue it or not.

This week, I came across a video of Australian world pole dance champion, Felix Cane.

What amazed me is that this young lady didn't really start of wanting to be a pole dancer or even taking pole. She only signed up because her mum and sister went for a trial class. Yes, so she is a trained dancer but this shows that if you really like something, you can and should pursue it.

For me, I pursue dance because I really enjoy it. I've taken classes with friends who've mentioned that I am competitive but that is not the case. The competition on the dance floor is not you or her or him or anyone. It is me. To push myself to be a better dancer. While you should always have fun in what you do, I believe that you have to put in some heart and soul in order to show yourself that you can do it. After all, you paid for the classes, why should you waste your time and others' by mucking around?

Of course, there is a part of me that wishes to impress people at large but still, I dance because of me. Over the years, I've learnt a number of dances in the quest to improve and I will always be thankful to my teachers and fellow dancers who have taught me so much. Another part of being a better dancer is also about knowing when to quit. Quit as in not push yourself if you know that you simply have no aptitude for a certain type of dance. Focus on the ones that you do well or really love and  improve. The effort that you put in will definitely pay off.

So here's the takeaway. Don't just do things because someone told you to do it or pursue it because your friends are. Do it because you like it and want to be a better person for it. Who knows where your journey will take you?

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