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The past weekend which bundled Valentine's Day with Chinese New Year (CNY) was not as painful as I thought. 

Regular readers of this blog would know that I'm not a big fan of the day. I feel that its too much effort to put on people. And its stupid to declare their love on one day when they should be celebrating it all the time.  

For CNY, thisyear, because of the mass exodus (ie passing on) of a number of our grandaunts, there were far fewer family members to visit. Despite the "so when are you getting married questions", I still find it rather fun to visit with the remaining grandaunts. 

Afterall, its not like any of the new generation of cousins after my sister and I can speak the Peranakan language anymore or know of any of the customs. So while the question of getting married or having a boyfriend can grate on the nerves, its also comforting that someone actually cares for your happiness. Enough to want to know that you should have someone else there for you. :)

Pre-CNY and two days after, the girls and I spent two days at the pool. Yay to color! Got a bit sunburnt but still, its way more fun celebrating Valentines with each other. To an extent, it lessens the expectations that we should be in a relationship or be bitter because we're not. I say, if you're not in a relationship, its not the end of the world. Get your girlfriends together and have a great time still. Although its easy to say celebrate Valentine's as just another day, its still nice to hear from friends or a potential special, you don't need flowers, a wish would do :o) Call me silly but I'd pick an intimate dinner for two and some dancing over simply receiving flowers any day.

The one person and thing that I missed at Valentine's this year was Corrin's amazing VDay party. Ever since the woman moved to London, there is this big void for the annual parties. And no, no one else can paint champagne flutes and hand out bubbly like Corrin can. Where are you Corrin? And when are we meeting up again? Ahhh, it makes me feel all wistful and wish that I had some champagne right about now. 

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