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People and friends who've read this blog over the years have asked, are you really angry about some of the issues that you've written about?

Well, no.

What I have is an opinion. The anger that comes through is oftimes the result of observing people's behaviour and actions. Or rather stupidity ...even my own stupidity is not spared. When I speak, sometimes I get impatient and the people that I'm reaching out to fail to hear the message that I intended to convey. This blog is therefore an outlet for me to strive toward a more balanced argument or opinion.

And no, I'm not afraid of people reading it. That would make me an even bigger doofus. It's plain stupid to blog if you don't want people reading it. What I would prefer is having the people who sparked these thoughts to read the posts and give me their opinions. I'm sure people will recognize themselves if they chose to read between the lines.
Taking that an evil step further would be to tell specific people that I've written about them and then have them fall off their chairs. Or fall out with me.

Am I really that much of a shit stirrer? Admittedly, it would be fun to push a few people off their high horses but then again, why should I be the only one? Sometimes, I wished that people were a little more honest in their opinions and feelings. Don't just voice your opinion or say things, make it count. And when you dish, make sure your heart is open enough so that can take what others have to say.
Ultimately, this blog is me mouthing off. Read, don't read, pretend its not you or simply ignore what I'm saying, it's really up to you. As for me, I'll feel better because I've said my piece :o)

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