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After a really long time, I finally took up pole classes. I remember doing trial classes in 2005 and was not too impressed by it because the emphasis was on the sensual dancing and not on the tricks itself.

Pole has evolved from sleazy dance to something Hollywood stars do for fitness and now I can see the appeal. What you will gain from the class will be lots of aches, blue blacks on your inner thighs, shin and knees but at the end of the day, you gain self confidence, strong arm and core muscles and the potential to be a Cirque star :o)

Fast forward 2009 and Baogui convinced me to take classes with Acro Polates. You won't die, she says. And she was right cos, after being a fireman, a geisha, doing the front knee hook and the crane, it wasn't all that bad. Plus, I felt my arms and core get tougher too. But no pain, no gain right?

Here is my graduation video from Level 1, done a few days ago...

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Grace said...

Selena - You did it!! i really liked your spins! Congratulations on finishing the class! =) Take care!!

Bitchy Witchy said...

Thanks Grace :o) Go see another video I posted!

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Hihi, your blog is coool! Very honest posts, some kept me thinking.. :)

Anyway i absolutely love this one coz it's about POLE! ^.^ Yeah great to know another gal who like pole not for the dance but learning the moves itself. Are you still learning? :)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Hi Pink Miu Miu, Thanks for your kind words :o) I had to give up pole after a while because I was building a lot of shoulder muscles...hahah I loved it though and I had great teachers.

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