But I didn't see, that the joke was on me

“You are the damnedest creature! You make me think of the old story about Alexander the Great. He wept when there were no more worlds to conquer. Will you weep when there are no more rules to break?" Marius to Lestat, The Vampire Lestat

Incidentally, one of my favourite books inspired one of my most ridiculous quirks. I’m the kind of idiot that can see the funny side of things no matter how bad and sometimes this little quirk tends to bite me in the butt. Let me elaborate, in the above book, the lead character, Lestat had a penchant for weeping at every bloody thing that he saw. Beauty inspired tears almost every time which really drew the ire of my sister when she read the book too.

You can just imagine the surge of crying jokes and weepy re-enactments that accompanied this. At this point in time, reality was like, ‘ha, let’s give her some time with this.’ Bunch of years down the road and somehow I’m weeping in the cinema over countless movies. Sad, happy, moving moment? There is a moment of, Oh and then cue tears...dammit! Ya, ya, ya, I get it now! Yes, I can be moved too...and I would like to stop the Lestat-ness now, please.

But this was not something recent. A couple of years ago, I was making fun of a really silly client event which was to promote high definition TV in Singapore, Hi-Def Showtime, anyone? That brought forth endless Sesame Street impersonations to the fore (near...and Faaarrr!) and before I knew it, presto! The bloody project became my baby....KNN indeed.

Despite the quirks, I’ve always loved books they have become a large part of my life. Their influence has resulted in this blog and privet journals that I keep. Over the years, I’ve taken away some really interesting lessons from the books I’ve read. Although I love movies too here’s my distinction between books over movies: books give you the platform to let your imagination run wild and give you the scope to envision different scenarios while movies give you an insight into someone else’s imagination, actors portray emotions on the page and music increases the atmosphere. The one thing that is missing from movies is usually nuances that can only be found in the book.

Here are my top 10 most memorable literary influences:
  1. Monsters have feelings too: Lolita,The Vampire Chronicles, Frankenstein
  2. Love makes people feel everything too deeply, too much and yet, sometimes they do nothing: Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice, Whitney, My Love
  3. Men are skanky, even after they’ve professed love: Love in the Time of Cholera, History of My Life, The Lost Diary of Don Juan
  4. Idiots, fools or totally brilliant? Forrest Gump, Candide, Gulliver’s Travels
  5. Doors always lead somewhere: Coraline, The Chronicles of Narnia, Neverwhere
  6. People are not what they seem: Primal Fear, Dangerous Liaisons, The Portrait of a Lady
  7. There is more to life than Harry Potter: Where the Wild Things Are, Artemis Fowl, The Faraway Tree series
  8. Graphic novels are not just about fancy art: Watchmen, Sandman series, V for Vendetta
  9. There are a heck lot of better vampire novels than Twilight: Dracula, The Historian, Let the Right One In, The Vampire Chronicles, Sookie Stackhouse series and Anita Blake Series
  10. And, the monster that looks back in the mirror, may just be you: Picture of Dorian Gray

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