So make the best of this test and don't ask why

Time. Will we ever have enough time to do anything that we want?

Just a few weeks ago, a good friend of someone I'm close to suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away. Just like my cousin's husband a few years ago, he also left two small children and his wife behind. It's heartbreaking when such things happen so unexpectedly. Like my cousin’s husband, he too was at the prime of his life and healthy when the tragedy occurred. When I learnt of what happened, it reminded me of my cousin and it brought back all the feelings I had then. Y'know that feeling of total helplessness yet sadness for your friend's loss?

And when things like that happen, the only thing that you can do is stand by the family (or in this case, my friend) and offer what support you can. Inside, your heart breaks but outside, outside, you remain strong. Maybe this is me but I don't believe that all of us crying will solve anything. I'm a hugger-comfort person kind but if you start crying then I'll do my impression of a fountain too.

I hate it when things like this happen. It calls into question your own mortality and begs the question, what have you done with your life so far? And, should such a thing occur to you, would you have fulfilled all that you set out to achieve? The answer, most likely will be no. But then again, while many people lament about what they have not achieved thus far, I sometimes wonder, do they even reflect upon what they already have on hand?

While I believe in setting and achieving goals, what I also believe in is achieving the small goals that help fulfill your life. Like the saying goes, it's the little details that make the bigger things so much more satisfying. So, you haven't amassed your million dollars or the condominium in the suburbs but you already have the great job, the wonderful family and the friends who you can rely on. What more do you need? Material gains can only get you so far.

Maybe my view is a little simplistic but then again, life is complicated enough. Why throw in more complications? On my part, I'd like to think that I have almost everything that I have set out to achieve. If you’ve known me long enough, you’d know that I don’t need pots of money and holidays to be happy. I’m happy sitting in a cafĂ©, debating nonsense with friends, taking a long solo stroll somewhere or even being at home experimenting on food with my family. With the exception of one tiny part of my life; it weighs on my mind a little more these days and reminds me that yes, I need some romance in my life too. But then again, should I not have it, I'd also be fine. Not entirely fulfilled, but I'll be at peace with it.

So, to my friend, my deepest condolences and take care, the shock will wear off in time. Know that you will always have support and you know where to look when you need someone to talk to – or do your impression of a fountain.

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