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Thanks to the ever excitable Alice and our long-time sidekick Owen, I finally made it to Coldplay's Viva La Vida concert at the Indoor Stadium on 23 Mar 2009.

This is only concert No.2 this year and I'm blown away again. Now, I've seen a few of their concerts on DVDs but I have to agree with Owen. They kick ass live! So much better and fluid as well as musically tight. At this point, I have to totally disagree with my lousy boss - no, they do not sound like the CD. It was worth all the $250 that I forked out! Well, except the part where Chris Martin forgot to sit on my lap to sing to me. It's ok ah, I forgive you ;o)

The most enjoyable bits have to be with the entire crowd singing with the band. The best moments for me were definitely (1) everyone singing to Yellow with as giant yellow balloons drop on the crowd (2) When Chris Martin performed Fix You. My all time favorite Coldplay song which means so much to me

(3) Lovers in Japan with massive confetti showers! (4) The entire band bounding into the crowd to do this cheeky cover of The Monkees' I'm a Believer.It was worth filming, even though, my arm felt like it was crumbling after a while ;P

And finally...the encore with The Scientist which brought about this strange little nugget of conversation:

Owen: I KNEW they would end it like this!
BW: Now, now is your chance to yell, I love you Chris! It's so quiet! Do it!
Owen: I love you! I wanna have your baby!
BW: (bewildered) WTF!
Owen: It's old skool, man!
BW: Well...(looks around randomly) do deee doo dee doo

With such great bands being brought into Singapore. Who knows, I may actually be ready for Radiohead one day? Relax ah, baby steps, I can actually hear some people go OMFG.


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