There's so much world outside the door

Sometimes life takes a more surreal turn. These last few months could best be described as revolving; much like the doors at The Fullerton.

Too many people have come into my life and while I celebrate new friendships, I also had to mourn the time to bid some of them ‘adieu’ when it came their turn to leave for homeor bigger adventures.

My appreciation for globalization comes with its own set of pros and cons. While the world seems to shrink with so many people moving around and working all across the globe, the drawback is that it’s always heart-wrenching to have a close friend or a loved one move far, far away from you. Yes, I know that you can go visit them and the Internet makes communicating with them so much easier, it’s the little things that count. No more spontaneous bottles of wine and long chats, or hanging out, or even cutting out from work early for happy hour.

It is the human closeness that is sacrificed in these situations. I didn’t realize how much having my friends around means to me until slowly, they begin to leave. It also made me think…maybe it’s time for me to make my foray into the big, bad world too. It could be time for my big adventure :o) I know I’ve been talking about this for some time but it feels like something that I must do due in order to satisfy a restless soul that yearns for more than just normality and to see for myself what other things are out there.

This was an emotional week for me. It finally came time for a close friend and colleague to depart for London where she will be working for the next two years. And almost everyone and I had to come to terms with the reality that she is really going. It is after all, one of her biggest wishes to work in another country and be close to her family. And although I was excited to see her move on, I was a little sad to see her go.

A very warm girl with a generous heart, she has been one of the lights in the office. She’s always ready with a big smile and advice or a helping hand whenever one of us runs into trouble. She’s also become a close friend whose adventurous spirit and gusto has helped me overcome some of my demons. Yes, we have gotten into some interesting adventures and while some of them cannot be recounted without implicating other guilty parties, it’s been a really eye-opening experience :o) I can also thank her for introducing me to her crazy girlfriends, D (who I never would’ve met if we didn’t go partying after the beach) and also for most of the new look – I honestly would not have the courage to do all this without your support and egging!

A, you’ve come to mean so much to me too…who am I going to have happy hour with now and online shopping?! Who is going to laugh at the weird things that happen around the office? I have to confess, it was a tremendous effort trying not to be a water fountain at the airport and even while writing this post.

So, my dear A, have a great time in London! Don’t forget to work and I hope to see you really soon :o) PS. you can always read this blog for adventure updates!

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