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Each year, I look forward to two local political occasions. The announcement of the annual Singapore Budget and the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally. Held a week after the 9 August
National Day, this year’s National Day Rally on 19 August was interesting, to say the least.

The one thing that caught my attention was the PM’s call for more Singaporeans to start families. The birthrate each year seems to decline in tandem with Singaporean’s increased affluence. And now, we’re all expected to get married and pop out babies. Despite a really attractive carrot that is dangled to married couples, one wonders how these people are supposed to make babies when they are expected to work long hours to try to boost the economy and earn enough to keep themselves afloat. The harsh reality is that work-life balance or harmony is still somewhat of a joke here.

No one seems to be all that interested in having babies, really. Why add to your already growing list of expenses? Yes, so the government is giving incentives and helping to cut costs but still. Is anyone really inspired by this?

As usual, in the PM’s speech, there is almost nothing in terms of incentives for the singles. Oh, except for the fact that parents are now encouraged to help their single children make suitable matches in matrimony. Oh for god’s sake…that’s one step forward and three steps back, Singapore.

The one demographic that the Singapore government should be addressing are the Singaporean men. Sad to say, these bunch of guys seem to be stuck in an era that no longer exists. All they seem to do now is whine and complain that their female counterparts seem to want so much more. And of course we do! If you didn’t notice, Singaporean women now lead organizations, study, look after their families and yet, have the time to actually date. If we want something, we’d go out and get it. The time for waiting around for some man to give you things is past.

Just like the time of waiting around for some woman to come rescue you from single-hood… If you are wondering why Singaporean women choose to date foreign men these days, it’s because, they are looking for more than a just a flat mate. They also want an intelligent partner who can communicate on the same level as them. It’s about communication and interaction. Yes, we want love too and we want you to tell us how you feel and show it – you do realize that you don’t lose manhood by doing that, right? The material things…we can actually afford them now. What we cannot afford and don’t want is to haul your lazy asses around. So get those notions of living it up with rich, easy women out of your head. You sure as hell don’t know what you are in for.

In offering Singaporeans more incentives to want to start families, the government also has to look at its people. We, Singaporean women want to get married too and aspire for families but it’s the men who have to play catch up to us. Maybe the government should offer these men other incentives instead…like a book on dating for dummies. Mwahahahhaha…

But then again, perhaps, we should just leave these men behind…and let them stay as deluded as they are…cos really, they just don’t get it.

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