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I wasn't much of a Coldplay fan until A Rush of Blood to the Head but at times, I get caught up in Chris Martin's lyrics Looking at where I am now and things I have to consider, this song is a bittersweet wake-up call.

It makes me think ...I've done my dues over time. Whether it was in making things happen, holding together or taking care of things and people that need my attention. But in times such as these, when I need some respite...just who can I rely on? Yea, I know that I have a great support network and people who love me but still, sometimes when you're in a funk like this, it's hard to get out of.

Then I came across this video featuring Jason Mraz and Kyle Glass of Tenacious D. and it made my world a slightly happier place. This is also the reason why I am picking SingFest over the Deathcab for Cutie concert (which has already sold out, as I blog).

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