The White Rabbit

Located at 39C Harding Road, The White Rabbit is the latest addition to Singapore’s dining scene. Opened by the guys who also own Loof, this is certainly one of the more interesting dining experiences that I’ve had in recent memory.

What’s good: Its location and ambience. What used to be the old Ebenezer Chapel, has now been wonderfully restored. While, the wide hall and spacious seating areas gives diners a sense of space, the little dining alcoves on the side provide intimacy for groups or even couples.

What’s great: Oh, definitely the food. From presentation to taste, everything was prepared with much flourish and love. And it shows, especially after the first bite. What comes highly recommended is the foie gras as a starter as well as the prawn bisque which is reminiscent of the hearty soups that you’d have after a long day at work. The lamb chops that I had were very nicely cooked and tender. For those who are not too fond of the gamey smell of lamb, this version comes with breadcrumbs of mint with a hint of wasabi. Very tasty. But the winner of the night was definitely the Mac & Cheese. It reminded one of a sense of home and a very old-school Americana feeling. Simply de-lish. The desserts were another thing entirely, from the Dark Chocolate Mousse to the Mars Bar Soufflé and the Baked Alaskan was a delight to the senses. Very well presented and not too sweet to the palate, it is safe to say that everything was polished off the plates regardless of how full we were to start of with.

What could be improved: At the risk of being overly picky, I’d say, the lighting. While striving for intimacy in such a big space, it would be great if you guys could add a wee bit more light at the table so that we can see our food better. Note: I sincerely apologize at my supremely horrendous photography skill, which had nothing to do with the lighting.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience which was supplemented by The White Rabbit’s very experienced and friendly service staff. Kudos, guys!


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