The funky chicken

Dancers fall into a few different categories. There are some who are naturally talented, some who learn choreos at the drop of the hat, some who train since young and those who are more inclined to one form of dance then others.

My Achilles heel is funk. You haven't seen anything as funny and as retarded, as me trying to pull off funk steps. It's worse than that elephant in least she had some form of grace. I looked and felt like a headless chicken. A salsa-dancing funky chicken, that's me. I avoided looking at the mirror as long as I could so that I wouldn't suddenly collapse into a fit of giggles. The good thing is that I didn't fall on my face and die of shame...too much.

What's worse is that coming back to training after a long time tag. The brain refuses to remember steps, the body is not cooperating and the feet have their own mind. While doing crunches, I was actually wondering if we were training to be in the sequel to 300...If I thought what we were doing was bad, those boys must've almost died.

And while on the subject of funk, here's the video of Ridz-lock, taken at DXO in the Let Me Shine competition on Jan 27. Props to you, dude! I don't think any of us could pull off something like that solo :o)

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