Happiness is...

  1. Not falling over
  2. Not breaking my glasses
  3. Not getting too drunk - thank you Danny, now where's my t-shirt!
  4. Blue label
  5. Uni sushi in Minoru
  6. New PJs!
  7. Lychee martinis in The Bellini Room
  8. Happy Birthday, Marylin Monroe style
  9. Incriminating pictures, which will remain locked for all eternity
  10. Incriminating videos that will never grace cyberspace
  11. Waking up and going for classes mildly hung-over
  12. Masquer8 @ The Upper Club
  13. Lots of crazy friends who made my birthday weekend one of the most memorable...ever!

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Mike said...

Happy Belated Sheikh!

No falling over and OD-ing?

Bitchy Witchy said...

Not this time...although SSL did the honors. Scary!

danny said...

YES SS, DRINK IN MODERATION! About the tee, I will keep one for YOU!

Bitchy Witchy said...

See, I can be good! So, gimme that t-shirt, Danny :o)

Mike said...

Hahahaha, but selena and overdose of drinks must go hand in hand..if not, selena's not selena anymore.. like..

Bread without butter,
Cars without gasoline,
Forks without spoons,
Martini without lychee?

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