Set adrift

It's been a week since the show's ended and it feels really strange.

I went from going to rehearsals and being sandwiched backstage to not doing anything at's damn weird that I actually have time now to meet the friends who've been neglected, pop into Union and to catch up on much needed sleep and rest.

But. It's odd not seeing the people that you've hung out with everyday for two months...or doing warm ups, rushing around wondering where your dancer's costumes are...and bitching about everything under the sun. It's the people that I miss the most - we've become much closer friends. All the over-the-top antics, the nerves and the endless anticipation before, during and after the show. It's fucking weird saying this but I miss it still...what I don't miss is the Sundays. I never liked rehearsals on the weekends and that is the one thing that I don't miss at all...heh.

All that's left of the show is memories...the good, the sweaty and of course, the triumph that it was one of the best shows that we've put up in years.

Great job guys, now onward to the next advenure!

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