Goin' loco

I have a love/hate relationship with many things. Yes, things - people are categorised differently...

I love organizing events and parties that bring lots of people together but sometimes, I really hate the diva-ness that comes with it...people not showing up at the last moment, things not turning out right, requests and demands that sometimes really blow your mind or unexpected people showing up at the wrong moment - yikes. But the general love for these shindigs keeps me going. It also keeps my temper in check - most of the time.

We've finally closed our chapter on loconite (this is our monthly salsa social night) for LADC and it was a blast! Firstly, more than 300 people showed up. Who knew we'd get so much attention? Much thanks and love to everyone who came to support us! We had three performances, A&J Performance Team, Caderas Latinas and our very own Dragones Latinos. The performers were wonderful - they put up with me during the tech run and were nervous as all hell right before going on stage but at the end of the day, they pulled it off. Great job guys!

We had really good DJs and I almost wanted to keep the top prize in the lucky draw for myself. Spa vouchers and me, that's a love, love relationship for sure.

Finally, a great big shoutout to Stella, my partner-in-crime at The Upper Club, without whom this entire event would not have happened. True, we didn't get everything that we planned for and there were bumps along the way, BUT everything worked out fine in the end...muchos gracias!

So what's next? The grad show of course...that'll be Break it Down at the Arts House from Dec 14 to 16, 2007. This is the show put together by LADC's graduating scholars, so come watch it. We're featuring everything from contemporary to latin jazz, hip hop and funk. And from the previews, this will be a really fun show. Dragones will finally be performing the 'dreaded' - Welcome to the Party at the show. Yes, peeps, we're debuting this item at long last.

Good luck to us all. And see you at the show!

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