Everybody wants the same thing

I'm annoyed, irritated, excited, happy, pissed off, amused, tickled, skeptical and tired. Very tired.

Annoyed and tired . Rehearsals for the grad show are slowly but surely killing me. After much filly-fallying (that's almost 2 years, count 'em!), 'Welcome to the Party' is almost done. As I type right now, we're finallly down to the last 2 sixes of the routine. The end of the routine kind of looks like Cirque Du Soleil but all I can say is that, thank god it's almost done. I'm actually quite torn about the freaking thing. Like whoever's left in Dragones, I spent 1.5 years learning the bloody routine. I am officially bummed that I won't be performing it. On the other hand, I'm glad that I won't be doing it - because it annoys the shite outta me. I can gripe about every single thing about the whole ordeal but it'll take ages and my fingers are not that dexterous.

Skeptical. What I will be doing, instead, as part of Dragones Latinos is the finale - the beginning bit and the end. Better than nothing, right? Whatever. Don't talk to me about commitment. We are all committed because we are in it together and we are doing it for ourselves. Everyone is working their ass off for exams, work and rehearsals. There is just one selfish person here...and I don't think they are the people that sweat it out every night with me.

Pissed off, yet amused. Thanks to rehearsals that over-ran on Friday night (who has a life, right?), I was late in meeting a friend who came in from Melbourne. I promised to meet up with DH more than a month ago and I definately felt like an asshole for breaking it. Fuck. The only hitch about this was that I'd never met DH before and well, who the hell knew what he looked like, right? All I knew was that he's Sam's good friend and that he's German. The promise: Meet at the lobby of the Westin Stamford before heading up to New Asia where my colleagues were. Ever the resourceful idiot, I walked up to 3 guys in the lobby to ask if they were DH. After a while, I realized that I was getting questioning looks from the hotel staff...hooookay - no, I'm not here to pick up strange white men. Someday I will laugh about it. Just not right now. I finally called DH's hotel and left him a long and apologetic message. Arrrrrggghhh!!!

Amused. I'm ticked that my colleagues got all excited about teambuilding at at-sunrice. Some have never cooked before and a few looked like they walked into another dimension but it was all good fun in the end...because we plied them with alcohol. Heh.

Tickled. That I'm learning the Lindy Hop. Thanks to Yeewei and his innate weirdness. I'm learning how to swing. The music's fun, the class is enthusiastic and dang it's fun!

Irritated. That people at work don't seem to see the big picture of where the events are leading up to. Everyone is working their ass off to ensure that we get all the coverage and whatnot that comes with the fucking work. The reason that we don't complain when you constantly harp on us is that we are resigned. FUCKING resigned to just do the fucking job, so shut your trap and quit annoying the crap outta us.

Happy. That I finally bought 'the dress' thanks to Liz. It's red (I am attracted to red), it's versatile, it's classic, it's Ted Baker and it almost burned a hole in my pocket.

Excited. That you found my CD. You called right as I was leaving my house...I did a happy dance right at my doorstep without realizing that my neighbours were behind me. Nieghbours were a little shocked (what's new?). Thank you for making my day :o)

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