Writer's block

Which is what I'm suffering from when it comes to those darned music reviews. I got a ton of new stuff which is not reviewed because, I left my !#$#$$%#%@# cable in the office and my home computer is fucked up; it has a sound card but NO sound...it's too danged slow, it takes up too much space, I buy too many CDs...ARRRGGGHH! Bitch, bitch, bitch whine, whine, whine...Ok, that said, I'm going to plug two new discs.

Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion. Still a relative unknown at the moment, but it may not be so for long. The Beirut-born singer-songwriter sounds like a refreshing cross between Rufus Wainwright and The Darkness' ex-frontman Justin Hawkins. Just like it's title, the album's full of fun, infectcious and thoroughly enjoyable tracks like sing-a-long Lollipop and the cheeky Grace Kelly. If you like your music fresh, bright and sparkly, get this album.

From the bright candy colored pop world of Mika, we jump into the cooler, funkier sounds of Just Jack, whose sophomore release, Overtones is influenced by Gorillaz and The Streets . While his lyrics is not as striking or quotable as Mike Skinner's, the songs are a combination of hip-hop, disco, house and funk which takes you into a smooth, chill-ride home. Check out Disco Friends, Starz in Their Eyes and Morning Mourning, then sit back and relax.

So what's next on the list? Brett Anderson, people.
Suede's former-frontman has finally released his solo album which would probably reach these shores sometime later this month. It's debut single Love is Dead is a throwback to the good, old days. Expectations run high - and the review may be biased. I can't bloody wait...

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