It's not unusual, it happens every day

Welcome to the chamber of the bizarre and unusual; where every day is an adventure and nothing can be decided upon without the wisdom of the revered magic 8-ball! See the freaks on display but try not to stand too close to their cages for they may just draw you in and keep you forever…

But don’t fret too much, dear reader as we have trained professionals to keep them in line. So, step right in to experience the never-seen-before delights!

  • Exhibit One, Hot Footin’ Chicks – Barbie, Skipper and Sunshine. Three of the most unlikely friends who have decided that they can, and will – take up ballet. God, apparently has yet to peel Himself off the floor…

  • Exhibit Two, The Delusionals – this exhibit contains one of the most contagious diseases known to humankind, so approach with caution. First, they cook up half-arsed ideas, then they ask you to invite lots of people who don’t show up to take part in a competition that no one is interested in. One gets the feeling that they were trying really hard to drum up any form of publicity at any cost; from inviting foreign celebrities to a local beat boxer and get this; even the Ninja Turtles showed up. All this and still not much mileage garnered and why? Because everyone recognizes a stinker when the see one. Well, everyone except The Delusionals. D’oh.

  • Exhibit Three, Mysterio – Even though he has a tendency to speak at breakneck speeds, jumps around incessantly, disappears off to unknown lands to complete his work and wears that silly bowl on his head to preserve his innate mysterious-ness, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Good luck, dear sir! May you live to break the monotonous drone that is constantly passed of as quality features.

  • Exhibit Four, The Girl with Many Tongues – Possessing the fastest fingers and not the most eloquent tongue, she can call and pretend to be from any publication or company that she wants to be – all except for the right one; wherein lies her fallacy. Tsk, tsk, tsk

  • Exhibit Five, The Slack Jawed Groupies – Who all caught 300 during the week and are part of the “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” fanclub. Talent: Kicking down doors, killing mindless idiots who make silly requests, yelling and lots of eyebrow raising. And drinking lots of beer – cos that’s the only thing that consistently comes in a six-pack.

  • Exhibit Six, Mr Ang Mo Kio – Who struts around his corner in white Speedos while being splashed with water. Has a tendency to be crazy and is probably now part of the local skinhead movement. Did anyone say that this place is normal?

The list simply goes on and on… But fret not, dear readers because this travelling carnival may come to a heartland mall near you. Just you wait and see.

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