Pretty tied up

A busy week indeedy, but all's good as the year is finally coming to a close and soon we can all breathe a sigh of relief. And yours truly can go on vacation...

It was another week of firsts for me:

  1. First time I wrote so many speeches, I lost track of which minister I was...heh.
  2. First time we all got in cahoots to drown out some sorrows - as a rule, I don't practice drowning sorrows - for a good reason - hopefully I won't be as stupid the next time cos it's pretty shitty to drown someone else's sorrows instead of yours...
  3. First time I ran an event while dying from food poisoning - how I did it remains a mystery but thankfully enough, the event ran pretty smoothly. Note to self: the Merlion look will win no favours...
  4. First time I actually cheered for the right team during the races - This time, we were at the starting line so it was almost impossible to cheer for the wrong team. Couldn't tell who was more surprised to see Belle and me though, us or the boys who almost fell out of the boat...and no, we did not do the "faster, harder, stronger" thing...shize!
  5. First time I went for training - 10 mins into it, I thought, WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Then continued on my merry way...thankfully nothing was broken. Bruised and achy, yes, breaky...hell no.

Well, now it's back to the grind... "I won't be the one left behind, You can't be king of the world, If you're slave to the grind..." yes, I do love my hair metal bands.

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