She gave you a look that could make a stone cum...?

Now , straightaway, name three things that you thought of immediately after you read that line.

Thought about lots of gutter-bending stuff? WTF, right?

And that, my friends is probably why we'll all miss Brian as back to San Diego he goes - who else could put such weird thoughts in our heads?

Technically speaking, that little gem didn't come from the man himself but was misheard by Melissa...nontheless, it made everyone burst out laughing. Such scintillating dinner conversation we have...heh. Points to anyone who can actually remember the original line...

Judging from the pictures, it was yet another stomping Saturday
. I collected a massive amount of ROI on Saturday, Belle struck the lottery and Liz may now have a new career. So what's next then? Hell, maybe we should open our very own events management company where everything comes in-house. Afterall, we have all the talent right here, right now. From the business management division right down to the performing talent and event photography. We have dancers, magicians, emcees, DJs, videographers, photographers, bar tenders that can be outsourced as well as travelling chefs that will whip up a meal right in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless, but I digress...

We'll miss you, Brian! Who else can provide such entertainment when they are drunk? Who am I supposed to wakeboard with? And of course, who is that massage guy supposed to hit on now? Dang it!

Come back soon!

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