I don't feel like dancing

This is the week of sophomore releases, or what I like to call appreciating-good-American-music week. Well, almost...the last album's not American ;o)
First up....Largely unknown in their native United States and received with wild acclaimin the UK, the
Scissor Sister's second album Ta Dah shows that the band still has much to offer. The album's like a breath of fresh air in a music indsutry that is getting increasingly crowded with hip-hop poseurs. It's Abba-meets- Elton John. If you're thinking big bell bottoms, groovy long hair and cool disco fused wtih electronica, you're on the right path. I dare anyone not to dance to this one.

And thennn... This album's somewhat of a revelation. Funnily enough, for a moment I actually thought I left the Scissor Sisters on when I was previewing this. The Killers second effort, Sam's Town veers almost completely away from their debut album. It's an album that's a mish mash of experimental sounds which borrows from the 80s' New Romantic era to the crazy 70s glam rock. I kid you not. Parts of it channels The Cure...But is it any good? Yes. It's experimental and while it may take the rest of the world to catch up with them, I'll say good effort, lads. I like :o)

The last post on the bugle goes to Australia's Jet. Shine On, they say. It reminds me of the first album, I say...While their debut, Get Born caught the music and fashion world by storm, the follow-up trods on the well worn formula of if it ain't broke, don't fix it. New stuff, guys, new stuff! Actually, they kind of remind me of Oasis...the force of the Beatles is strong here... The track Put Your Money Where your Mouth Is reminds one of Are You Gonna Be My Girl without the killer intro. Sigh.

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