I wanna take you to a midnight show...

I'm very inspired by a close friend's recent birthday bash, hence this little list.

Instead of the madness that usually accompanies the 'becoming-a-year-wiser', this time we all trooped to a really neat little cafe in Arab Street which served the most heart-stopping, artery-clogging cheesy (cream cheese, who'd've thunk!) brownies I've ever had...orgasmic! But I digress...What really got me was that this little cafe came with its very own little cinema. Think big, roomy couches, lots of throw pillows and comfy lounges and you're in the right place :o) This is the perfect place to accomodate all your buds for a night at the movies, where you can cheer the hero, heckle the baddie and sigh over the best friend who didn't get any. Freedom, people! I am proposing freedom to lounge whichever way you want and enjoy a movie as it should be...

Here's what I'd recommend: Witchy's top 10 list for movie night (in no order whatsoever...). Somewhat crowd pleasing, somewhat eccentric and strictly NO Pretty Woman - cos I'm biased, that's why!

  1. The Sound of Music - Blue pussies, anyone? If you were there on movie night, your ears would've fallen off at this
  2. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - Altogether now, I love the nightlife, I want to boogie...
  3. Das Boot - it's masculine, it's 42 men stuck in a submarine with a captain that has to lead them through sheer madness. It's Bridge Over the River Kwai, in a U-boat
  4. Salsa - because we've already had the time of our lives and because there's more to Menudo than Ricky Martin
  5. Some Kind of Wonderful. Some of you may be familiar with my grouse with the run-of-the-mill rom-com (I can't stand most of them) BUT I do love the 1980s John Hughes movies and this is one of my all time faves...
  6. Pulp Fiction - Where Mr Q reminds us why he was great, long before that idiot called Bill
  7. Spartacus - Long before the mountain that broke backs, Kirk Douglas and Sir Laurence Olivier made men in skirts sexy. We will be entertained
  8. Life of Brian - The reason why I go "the Messiah!" every time I meet someone called Brian...insanity at its finest
  9. Grosse Point Blank - because hitmen need to be loved too...
  10. The Little Mermaid - Le poisson, le poisson...the reason why I have a soft spot for psychotic French chefs. Oh, and if Ursula was a real witch, why couldn't she have made herself slimmer sooner? So susah!

I did, however reluctantly, have to let a few things go...or else this list will never end! Aye! What's missing is:

Anyone up for movie night?

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