Twisted logic

Now that I've kind of worked through the angst of the last few months, I've fallen into anxious/excited mode - for I am my mother's child :p

Yes, I worry too bloody much. Work is typical - and I'm happy to report that the work gears are back in motion! Yay! A few projects are heading toward completion and new ones are coming on's all good :o) Elsewhere, things are kinda strange...I feel a certain buzzing in the back of my head. No, it's not freaking Nipplegate/Watergate or electronic gate, but I do smell a rat somewhere. Call it intuition but I sense something...

This month, is also a month of birthdays, so happy wishes to all you crazy people! It's amazing that one of the things we have in common is to grow old almost at the same time...heh. Counting down::

  1. Vincent - Jan 2
  2. My late grandpa - Jan 8. I still miss you!
  3. The old bf - Jan 11
  4. Ani - Jan 12
  5. My boss - Jan 12
  6. Noor - Jan 14
  7. Hiromi - Jan 17
  8. The Japanese bf - Jan 18
  9. Belle & Jaz - Jan 23
  10. Yours truly - Jan 25
  11. Marcus - Jan 26. Finally an aquarius boy!
I can't imagine celebrating everyone's birthday all at once. It's be bloody nuts. Honestly, everyone'll actually be too drunk, lamenty, yes, lament-y, and complainy (advancement in years = the right to make up silly words to reflect one's wisdom) about our varying ages, the horrible state of our lives, the government, the weather...blah, blah, blah. Oh and by the way, sake parties rock! I was all happily blurry by the time I got home...Next time, I propose having a popiah/rice wine party. Oh, the happy disasters we can get into!

And for this weekend's party planners...all I can say is: Revenge will be visited upon you when your time comes - so be prepared! Mwaahahahaha...Sometimes, I can only blame me for the shit I can get into but sometimes I can blame others. Damn my creative party-happy ways! Damn you, lovely rendezvous planners!

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Hip Aunty said...

Happy Birthday in advance! Yr uncle will be leaving for S'pore on your BDay to see his dad - u know that sad story - so, any special requests for b'day present? If I cannot get it in time, then u have to wait till I go over, which I will have to when the inevitable end arrives for the old man. E-mail me. Love, Ee L.

Bitchy Witchy said...

Hello, Hip Aunty! Thanks for the offer, but I've got no special birthday requests :o) friends would beg to differ but I'll say that stuffing some Canadian guy into a box and having him jump out when unle ivan gets here is just too difficult...but thannks for the offer :o)

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