What would you you say?

To a birthday message that reads:

Happy bday! May your 29th year of life be filled with hot wet men jumping out of boxes, drool inducing choc fudge cakes n insane friends who throw crazy parties?

The solution:

You call up the offending party and threaten the very worst revenge when their day comes and then you start planning the next evil venture...yup, you read it here first! People, you have been warned!

I went home past midnight yesterday to find *gasp* my ma, waiting up for me! Now, my mum is one of the sweetest people around - oh and in case you are wondering, most of my innate madness, worry-wartness and sometimes common sense comes from her.

So of course I had to stay up to harass the woman...all she wanted to do was pass on her good wishes and what did the poor woman get in return? She got me loopily singing the song at the top of my lungs while prancing around her bedroom like a loon. Sometimes the number preceding your age just falls off when you're with your family and the people who mean the most.

Yea, life is good :o)

PS. To the message sender: I hope you give the poor guys in the box airholes to breathe from...or else they'll be hot, wet & stinky guys!

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