These are my confessions...

Things have been extremely interesting these last few days but what really, really perked up my this morning was receiving an email from a very old friend. Hello, Kole! It's great to hear from you again after a gazillion years! I'm thrilled that you're doing great...

So, the weekend began in a really awesome manner as for the first time ever, I actually managed to grasp salsa steps and managed to be twirled around the floor in a more or less respectable manner. A breakthrough, considering: I didn't slam into the bar/mirror/wall this week and was relatively on balance for once :o)

Confession 1: Who'dve thought I'd get my dancing feet? Am really starting to enjoy the class at last!

And as things go, things did get curioser and curioser as the weekend went by.

Confession 2: For the people that are currently into the whole mind-fucky thing, yes, I finally did confess to the whole crocky issue. I decided, well hell, I'll never hear the end of it so, I'll just admit to everything and act like a loon. At most, I lose a few extra marbles. Sanity be damned! And yes, I was impressed yet again :P

Confession 3: For the people who will be experiencing the whole HDB upgrading thing. My reccomendation: Move out. Have you seen the toilets they provide? It's like China all over again...Major ewwww

Confession 4: Patience is not my strongest suit. Right now, I'd probably need something like chain-mail or a bullet proof vest to protect me. Heh, especially after Confession 2. Why? Well, for the people who know me well, it is extremely unusual for me to just sit back and wait for things to happen. I'm more of a go-get-em sort and it's been excruciatingly slow progress in certain areas of me little existence at the moment. So what is my strongest suit then?

Confesstion 5: Apparently, it painful honesty. I can safely say that I am a victim of my own honesty. Oh well...

Overall, this has been a rather wonderful weekend, re-bonding with close friends, having breakfast with new ones and reconnecting with almost lost friends. Hopefully, it'll be a start to a great week!

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jky said...

Oh bless me father, for I have sinned! Oh, salah... wrong confessional booth! :)

It has been a good weekend :P

Bitchy Witchy said...

But of course!

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