Greetings and salutations!

Welcome one and all to yours truly's abosolutely first blog!

As it is still early days yet, I must say that the feeling is still pretty that first date. All the expectations, the hope and that tingly feeling. Needless to say, I'll probably loose that one day soon. I may be starry-eyed, but one can only take that crap for so long. Heh.

So why blog? For the uninitiated, blogging is not just about slagging off your fellow man, government or certain evil friends who plant wholly evil ideas into your head - you know who you are! It's about babblering about the most wonderful existence on the earth! The experiences, the loves, the crisises (is this really a word?), it about the all lovable, the all neurotic, the all potty-mouthed - moi.

And so, if you have a minute or possibly more, hang in there or check in here once in a while and bitch along with me.

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jky said...

ahhhhh! you have a blog!!

congratulations! :)

jky said...

btw, i should also mention that it took me forever to try and recall my blogger user id... it's 5 in the morning, and i can't think!!! *sigh* anyways, looking forward to your future posts :) i shall go catch some zzzzs now.

Bitchy Witchy said...

That's ok, can you believe that I had to write it down somewhere so I can remember...where are those gingko pills when you really need them?

Chonnie said...

Hey! Shiok ah! Good way to keep track of those far away frens ;)

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