It was madness....madness, I tell you!

What do Neil Gaiman's kids and yours truly have in common?

We all all the annyoing ability to sing that "Loonely, I am so loooneelly" refrain from that stupid Akorn song like a crazed chipmunk. What's with that song anyway? Apart from being the most bo-liao and annoying song on the face of the earth...geez.

The weekend was rather crazy, if bizarre. You could almost tell how bizarre it would be when:

  1. One of our dance instructors got his foot stuck in a trash can. This one was a hoot - unfortunately for him, he stood right beside me and got the royale Witchy treatment. Evil cackle, belly laugh and I think people in the Clarke Quay could actually hear me. Mwahahaha...
  2. Three cluess Singaporean girls and one lost former-Malaysian running around in KL, trying to boost the Malaysian economy and generally creating chaos wherever we went.
  3. Naturally, when we got a little too lost, we called upon our ang-moh friend to take us around town. Yes, we're hopeless that way.
  4. When warned not to go down dark, quiet alley-ways, we naturally did so. Twice
  5. At Berjaya Times Square, we got chased off a children's carousel ride for being...too old.
  6. We celebrated Jeannie's bday in advance by taking her to a place called "The Cockpit"...and no, it's not what you think it is...
  7. We had a secret password to get into our rooms for meetings.
  8. The password never changed no matter whose room we ended up in.
  9. Li is hopeless at passwords.
  10. Beo-ing potential in KL is as hopeless as expecting the sun to shine out of your arse.

All in, the weekend was pretty great as for once, some of us managed to sleep decently, we ate durians and ramly burgers at midnight and we bitched like...well, we always bitch, so that's no biggie. Heh.

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jky said...

Heh, I nearly died laughing after I read the "lonely" singing bit at Gaiman's blog too. Who would have known that it's such a catchy song? :P

I still can't believe Li couldn't get the password! And I thought I was an open book, *snort*

I'm so longing for a Ramly burger right now...

Bitchy Witchy said...

Oh, for a Ramly burger!

jky said...

Do you think we can make our own Ramly Burger? I think the grocery shop near my place sells the patties....

Or we can make the Married Man buy us them? Oh God, this is worse than my nicotine craving!

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