Confessions of a crazy couch potato

I haven’t been a serious couch potato in years, partly due to work, dance and having a resistance for being cooped up. But for some reason over the last year or so, I’ve gravitated back towards TV shows with a vengeance.

Some call it lacking a social life, I call it having the space to watch whatever the heck I want, anytime I want… but I digress.

Who knew a series about a drug dealing teacher would be so cool? Or that a brilliant FBI profiler could have so much in common with a serial killer? Who the hell would be interested in watching a series about two detectives and their lives and not on the case at hand? Apparently, lots of folks.

The appetite for more character and story driven shows have changed drastically. Instead of simply indulging in escapism fluff, more people are turning to solidly written shows. I for one, relish this. It is refreshing to see writers take center stage in developing stories that are far bolder today than before. I can safely say that I’ve learned more about the stages of sex, how viral infections evolve and the role of nature vs nurture in cloning that I ever set out to know.

But it’s not just dramatic shows, comedy writing has also evolved beyond the slapstick and snarky one-liners to tug at viewers' heartstrings. I love how characters and all their flaws are showcased sot that they become more realistic and are not just a caricature. How the writers and actors bring the intangible to life is beyond me. It feels like books have finally come alive, with so much detail in play. But hey, it makes one heck of a potatoship experience!

And so what on earth have I been watching? Here are my 10 picks: 
  1. Hannibal
  2. Masters of Sex
  3. House of Cards
  4. Orphan Black
  5. True Detective
  6. Orange is the New Black
  7. The Mindy Project
  8. Veep
  9. The Strain
  10. Hello ladies
 To one and all, happy watching and try to please go for a walk once in a while! :) 


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