A dedication in memorium

Dear Ah Kong, 

Talk about time flying by! It has been 20 years since your passing. Did you know that even Michael Jackson suddenly died? Hopefully, you bumped into him up there and said Hi. Hehe…

Things have been moving here. I finally got the perm on (ok, ok, you can tell Mama that she is right, I don’t look like a mad old lady). Everyone has grown up and is doing well. Did you know that Mei grew up to look like an abandoned ang moh? She made the biggest transition from that cute little girl posing with the flower arrangements to a successful restaurant manager. Mum found her inner garang-ness and Rasheed is finally growing up. Kita suma sudah tua, but you will be damned proud!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been to the niche the last time I went home. It is weird how time just flies and it feels like you have so much to accomplish so much in such a short time. Macham a mad rush! At least this time I didn’t climb the fence at Mt Vernon. I bet you the cemetery hantus would have remembered me for that! But I just wanted to say that I didn't forget.

How can you forget the person who helped you grow? Who looked after you and talked to you like an adult even as you were growing up? Who showed you that fun can be had at any time? You and Mama had a funny relationship of friendship, arguments and some comedic spats but you stuck it out. You taught me that family matters and that you should give people the chance to make mistakes. Sure, you spoil me when I was a kid (remember all these poor filet o-fish? LOL) but you also gave me the room to just be myself. It is that sense of self and also of responsibility to family that has guided me through all these years.

I realized after all this while that I inherited this sense of mischief and derring-do because of you. Did you know that I picked up dancing after all this time? You were right about stepping out. Sometimes you need to do something scary in order to make a change in your life. I also made the huge decision to finally move out and move away to take a job out of Singapore. The decisions were and still sometimes are scary, but you know, I think I can do this.

Although many years have passed, sometimes I feel that you are still here. When I feel that things are way beyond me, when people or circumstances make me mad or even when there are really happy times, I think about you and all the great times we had (that includes that mad puddle skipping expedition). All these memories and lessons, it grounds me.  I still really miss you and this dedication has been a long time coming. But you know, I just wanted to pop in to just say that things are going fine and that I hope to share more happy news with you soon.

Just me,
Ah Girl


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