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Let me set the record straight. Since moving to Dubai, I enjoy staying on my own and doing things by myself. Hanging out at home is actually comfortable and even cleaning my house can be fun (ha! My mother would love to hear me say that in person!). The one thing that I certainly never done whether here or back home is  keep thinking of things to do, pile my days and nights with endless activities or have a packed social calendar to feel ‘busy’. I am able to find little projects or hang out with people who do not stress me out. I like that.

Do I get bored or restless? Hell yes, then I simply think of something to do and get to it. If I can enlist an accomplice to share my little adventure, all the better! Otherwise I just do it on my own. It’s odd how sometimes doing things on your own can be freeing. You have the freedom to make mistakes and simply let yourself go. It’s also a more humbling experience where there is no posturing or showboating. That’s why I started taking dance and fitness classes on my own. I don’t need to rely on others or blame others if they can’t make a session. The responsibility falls solely on me. I'm ok with that and focusing on what I’m there to do.

In doing this, I sometimes miss having a friend to talk to, laugh and discuss things with. But then again, why not talk to the people around me? Isn’t that how you meet new people and widen your social circle? I guess it’s easier for me to talk to people partly because of the job I do. Talking to strangers, whether they are business associates, CEOs, journalists, vendors or even the man on the street is a matter of perspective adjustment. For me, not everyone can be a friend or is. Interactions are always a very personal choice.

In dealing with homesickness (rarely) and missing my family and friends, there is always Skype and WhatsApp or the ever reliable Facebook. I’ve relied on these tools more often now that I am away. However, there is always that personal sense of closeness that I never lose sight of. No matter where my family or friends are, we always take the time to connect and support each other. I also grew up with friends and family who had their own lives and I respect that. No one likes a cling-on!

So bottom line is this: I like where I am now emotionally; having room to think about what I need, who I want in my life and am taking steps to achieve it, as well as physically; ok, the weather can be less bloody sweltering and some people need to take a smart pill, but still. The independence is gratifying and I am slowly discovering new things about myself, my environment and a circle of friends here. That to me, the a great start towards new adventures :)

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