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When I was growing up, one of our favorite childhood traditions for my sister and I was to huddle in front of the TV watching the X-Men. animated series Now this was back in the day where cartoons were stand-alone episodes focusing on comedy or satire. Unlike anime which seemed to border in the ridiculous at times, this series followed some of the more serious story arcs of a comic book that had crossed its 30th anniversary by the time we got into it.

It was the series that sparked off a decade-long comic collecting hobby, made us both comic geeks and got us both deep into the Marvel universe.  My sister who was the more artistic one loved the animation and the house was soon filled with artwork inspired by the likes of Joe Madueira, the Kubert brothers, Andy and Adam and Marc Silvestri. Wonder where all that art went, some of them were pretty outstanding.

We actually have this copy someone in our comic vault

This is the Wolverine that many were familiar with
Comic books were a great vehicle for two teenagers who were bored of the usual teeny bopper series' on TV, our crazy family life and were sick of worrying about our impending future. We bonded over the art, the intense story arcs and with like minded teenagers (mostly boys) down at the comic store. We were anomalies because who knew girls could get into these things? But we LOVED it. And there were so many things to love, all the superheros, all the dilemmas, all the angst, it served as great escapsim. Then, the movies came and we debated over who was in which scene, were fans shortchanged? Yes...that Ratner fella almost killed the franchise. But who can blame us? Like many fans, we spent a huge chunk of our formative years with vested interest in the X denizens and similar to any fan, boy or girl, we were going scrutinize the movies closely, dammit!
Artwork by Andy (this picture) and Adam (above) Kubert were our favourites
For me, the love for the Marvel books eventually expanded to graphic novels by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller. The stories went from serious to examining the psyche of  a superhero, to looking at dreamscapes and looking at what makes a man a hero. It was intense, it was deep and it was pretty darned awesome. So awesome that I am still trying to make it to Comic Con. We may no longer be collecting but the love for the books and the artists burns on.

But what's the most exciting comic news for us? Bryan Singer and Days of Future Past, of course! Stay tuned.... I know that sister of mine will. And yes, this post is dedicated to you. Heh.

Can't wait to see how this madness comes to life

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