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The three-month mark is fast approaching and the feelings that I have about the move have been mixed. Work has been a mix of totally crazy/ mysterious/ demanding/ irrational/ passive aggressive/ exhilarating.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s been mad but fun and I love challenges and coming up with solutions to tackle them. For me, work is about pushing the boundaries on things; you have to push to constantly improve and progress. I am here because the challenge to turn around a company is pretty thrilling. For someone who is deemed ‘foreign talent’, it is not simply about doing a job, it is putting your money where your mouth is. Do you deserve the status and pay?
The pros are that the higher-ups have noted the change and the hard work we’re putting in. There’s appreciation. However, pushing is not a something one accomplishes alone or in a duo. There seems to be a bit of a tug-of-war going on, where on one side, you have people who are keen to band together to make new breakthroughs. On the other hand, there is a bunch of people who are so set in their ways and resistant to change or new ideas that it totally drives you bonkers. It was a harsh reality-check to learn that the industry was surprised that we are still around. Ouch.
At times I wonder, how the hell will we all survive this? Oftimes, it feels like people believe that they are irreplaceable. This used to be old way of thinking in pre-recession Singapore and look at the job fallout from the financial crisis. Cushy jobs gone in a thrice, long-term service was retired in favor of hungrier people who performed better, simple jobs were taken by harder working people who earned far less and the top of the crop became even more prized. To really implement change, there needs to be some serious ass-kicking all round!
This is not the first company that I’ve been a part of that has undergone change. In the past, both of the in-house roles that I’ve worked in dealt with organizational changes on a global level. The difference is that the companies chose to handle change more progressively and positively. They brought in professional consultants and worked really hard to instill the message that change is essential for growth. Both the messages and management were fundamental drivers that walked the talk from inside, out. Because of this, the staff started to embrace the changes positively. There is a feeling in the air that things will work out and they did.

Yea, right
But not here, or maybe not yet. It still feels like change is something to be checked off a list. Sometimes, you just want to grab hold of people and give them a hard shake while yelling: You are not a robot! There is no such thing as accepting a half-change! Quit whingeing, embrace change and MAKE IT WORK! It can be extremely frustrating at times. 
Frustrated? Yes. Challenged? Yes. But then again, we’re in early days yet. I still have tricks up my sleeve. Let’s see how far I get before I thwack someone over the head for being a complete moron. At the rate some people are going, that day may come sooner than you think ;)
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