Not something you hand out at a street corner

Lately, I find myself to be less trusting of people. 

Most of the time, you never really know what you are going to get. Or even who. Or even how people will react to you. People who question your motives and think that you are part of a 'tribe', people who regard you as a friend only to drop you when they can no longer be arsed, people who don't think twice about arranging things to their own benefit or people who think that I have no feelings/opinions about anything or everything. 

Let me set the record straight. We are no longer in primary school. 

I have opinions and of course, I have feelings *rolls eyes* Just because I don't invoke tears or start yelling at the drop of a hat, doesn't mean that I don't care. Often, too bloody much. However, my way of doing things is to talk it out directly and listening to that second or third opinion. Oh, I won't be an idiot and take your words wholesale. I may not like what I hear, but I try my darndest  to not go overboard. Overreacting is not the way forward. But if you are too stubborn or defensive to listen, then why the hell should I try so hard to convince you otherwise? Obviously, a judgement has been passed and a decision has been made. So me being rational and laying out my cards is moot. 

If you are going to be dramatic and only harp on your point of view, then I am not interested in your drama. I don't trust that you will give me a full picture of what's going on. Me shutting you out and moving on, is my way of getting through all the 'talking'. There is only so much talking a person can do and if at the end of the day, I am supposed to just listen to you then hey, you are a dumbass. You want a soliloquy, not a conversation. If your opinion is the only thing that matters, then I don't see a need to argue. But if you are, by some miracle of God, willing to hear me out, and argue or discuss salient points, then sure, by all means. Just be prepared that you too, may not like what I have to say.

What I am saying is: just because I don't react to drama doesn't mean I don't care. I just don't care to be part of silly, petty things when there are bigger issues at hand that need to be attended to. Messing about with the small things, just mean that no one wants to deal with the major issues. 

At any point of time, I would rather have real, authentic experiences with people. So, save your drama and know that I don't trust easily. Trust is definitely earned, not handed out like free tissue paper on a street corner. 

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