Racism. Is there still room for it?

While Singaporeans were all up in arms over Amy Cheong's ugly remarks over the past few weeks, it got me thinking: is there really room for the race card now that there is a growing number of children and adults of mixed races?

As we become more globalized  couples of all races are inter-marrying and creating children of mixed races. It's a reality that we have to wake up to. Sure, there are people who prefer to date and marry within their race, that is a personal choice.

The world has evolved and so must we. Instead of making childish or ignorant comments in the vein of 'my race is better than yours', why don't we teach our kids more about their roots?

Being a child, or rather, woman of mixed race myself, I don't condone what Amy has done. I also don't support small-minded Singaporeans who jump on the support or disparage bandwagon blindly. The issue here is not simply about one race against another. Admit it, we all make fun of the weird aspects of each other's races. Ribbing is part of growing up but it should remain just that. Don't be a moron and take it online.

When I was growing up, I was part of a tiny minority. Teachers had no idea how to classify me, the kids were a bit more forgiving. If you've seen me, I look anything from Chinese to Indian or Malay, at times Eurasian, I speak three of the national languages, two of its dialects and still celebrate almost all the traditional festivals. People just had no idea of what to make if kids like me. Sounds sad, right?

Not at all. I had a great childhood because I had the best of all my worlds. Growing up, I had the most diverse set of friends. They came from all walks of life and from all sorts of cultures. Some have remained my closest comrades. I attended parties for almost every kid in the estate. I was never part of any cliques (seriously, what clique?)  I learnt more about who I am as a Chinese/Indian/Peranakan kid. On the religious front, I was exposed to more religions for which I am grateful. One aspect of my race doesn't define me. I am defined by ALL aspects of my races.

This is probably the reason why I have never thought it was wrong or different if couples from other races got together. Personally, I dated whomever I wanted to, not because of their race but because of who they are. What I thought was weird was kids or adults who only had single race friends. It feels weird because it seems like they are too afraid to venture outside of their comfort zones to see  that there are so many other great people.

Consider this little nugget before I go: Today, people of single-races may be the majority. But what will happen when multi-cultural people become the majority? Would you want yourself or your children to be discriminated against or would you rather have people learn and carry the values of your race through the ages? We have to open our eyes and hearts and start learning now. There is no room for racism. 


Daphne Maia said...

I always wondered about your heritage. Now I know, hehe.

Bitchy Witchy said...

Hahahaha...you sat in front of me! You could've just asked :p

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