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Made a second contribution to the Singapore Business Review this week. Yay!

I'd like to add to that article. You know, writing and loving what you do is all well and good. But sometimes, you come across a subject or two that you have no taste for. It's simply not your cup of tea...then what?

In my case, I got well and truly lambasted for not committing to my pieces. It was upsetting and more than a little deflating :( It took me ages to understand what I was writing about. Then I had to deal with the client, the bosses and of course during all this, I had to deal the rest of my clients and of course, time didn't stop. It actually chugged on.

*deep breath* there is no point going all defensive and throwing out more excuses. In cases like this, it falls back to the writer to re-look at the work. No matter how sickening it feels. Nothing is worse than revisiting stuff you don't like but... shit happens. Like any other writer, I really frustrated when there are a ton of revisions to be done. How do you deal with subjects that you don't like? What happens if your editor decides to re-write your piece? Does this mean that you are truly crap or is your editor grandstanding? You have to listen to what the editor has to say and then go back to the drawing board. The longest time it took for one of my projects was eight months. Yes, eight. Why? Simply because the client didn't like my boss.

When something like that happens, there is little hope of changing things - unless something drastic happens.  In this case, my boss eventually left and was replaced by another. Once that happened, the project was approved by the client in 30 days. WTF, right? When it's a case of  a personality clash, the best thing the bosses can do is to change project managers. who the hell holds on to a project for so long? funnily enough, this rarely happens. Why? Cos no one can dislike a person that much. Right? Ha.

I am not perfect and sometimes it takes me too bloody long to just finish a piece. At the end of the day, I still have to respect that I do not know everything and hence have to rectify what needs to be done. It is upsetting when things like this happen and I hate second-guessing myself but I'll have to learn and bounce back from this.

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