Stupidity becomes you

In an age where marketers are selling stupid and hyping slogans like: 'algebra is not for women', where do you stand?

I stumbled across this little nugget, 
Forever 21 insults women with 'Allergic to Algebra' T-shirt from Twitter and I have to say that it set me off. 

While we know that there are women who 
believe in getting by with the looks and social status, do we really need to pander to this warped notion of beauty by going one step further and claiming that they (or rather we) might as well be dumb too?

Dear Marketers, are you aware that empty headed slogans such as these set back social progress for women? You are a disgrace to the feminist movement and all the blood, sweat and tears that these women have committed to increase the social standing of women in society.

Just in case you have your heads stuck up your collective arses so far you can't see, let me set this straight for you. Feminists today have evolved. If you step away from your biases, you'd know that they are no longer the scholarly, hairstute or manly women that everyone perceives but are intelligent, sophisticated women who come with the total package of beauty and brains.  They still fight for equality and social rights for women. They are mothers, girl friends, sisters, aunts, etc...They have fought so hard against being pigeonholed and last thing they want to stand for is being stupid. It's astounding that as marketers, you are.

What irks me the most is that these t-shirts are a slap in the face. There goes the right for women to be educated. Endorsing it says: stop fighting,  We choose to be stupid. Wake up! Is this some sort of sick sense of humor? I know that the media's perception of women and reality shows are mostly to blame for this but seriously, if you take whatever the idiot box spouts as lore, then you can't be too intelligent yourself.

None of the women that I know would want to be perceived as stupid.  Neither would I. Would you?

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