Raindrops on roses and so on and so forth

Just when I thought I'd be less injury prone, something will bloody malfunction at the worst time. Fuck. It's just like the freaking Godfather movies.

Somehow, a stupid strain managed to become a bigger problem with one slow-mo fall at practice. Felt like I was in a John Woo movie. And so I thought I wasn't hurt badly, still managed to have post-practice drinks with the mates before heading home.  Did the requisite warm ups and cool downs but despite that, the little niggling ache still managed to wake me in the wee hours of the morning with a dull pain and an inability to turn right. !@#@$%$@%%^%  WTH man. Am going to spend the next two days resting...which means no dancing and recovery stretches. There's a gig this weekend and please, don't get me started on obligations. I'm just bloody frustrated with myself right now.

Anyways, in happier events, I have been looking at something new to try out when I get to San Diego later this month. Nothing better than trying out something new on totally foreign territory, I say! They have classes here in Singapore too but my schedule's too packed to accommodate anything new for now.

But check this out. West Coast Swing (WCS) is not new but boy, does it widen the horizons in terms of social partner dancing! It seems that the Salsa On2 variation of the Lindy Hop to me...but at the same time, a lot smoother and graceful than Lindy.

Looks pretty cool, right? I for one am quite the inspired *wiggles eyebrows* The challenge here is to dance with the knees straight, in contrast to the latin style with the bent knees that gives the hips and body more sway. Would be interesting to see if I can adapt to something more lyrically expressive though. That is, if I still have my knees and back...mwhahahahahah

Music-wise, there is a lot more room in terms of genres that can be tapped. While traditionally, WSC adapts a lot of R&B (think Aretha Franklin and more blusey music), today you can dance to literally anything! Just like these guys below (ok, who doesn't love Benji Schwimmer? Such a ham..):

And for the rebels out there...

Think creatively and let your body and feet do the moving! :o)


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