Like a freaking magnet

Have you ever had the experience where you hang out with your guy friends for a period of time and then suddenly one of them pops up one day to declare: Guess what, I’m officially attached! So when will you go out and find someone?

What's a girl to do, really?
Makes me want to deck the smuggy buggers.

This is not new. Apparently most of my guy friends (both new and old) who hang around me for some time tend to get attached within a couple of months. It’s not like I’m a match-maker, I don’t introduce anyone to them or anything. One moment, the fella is happy being a swinging single, just waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting female and then? The next time you meet, he tells you about this new girl he’s seeing and how they are embarking on some adventure or another. It’s like woa…dude.

Just to clarify, when I hang out with the boys, we don’t do anything out of the ordinary; we hang out, there are lots of drinks, talk a house down, play agony aunt/uncle and do the occasional party. Romantic ties? There are none, they are just friends. Yes, you can be platonic friends with your friends from the other sex.

I’ve been observing this and the stats speak for themselves: two marriages and at least four of my good friends are now part of a couple. All in the span of two years! Although there have been some breakups, those are few and far between. WTH? Am I some sort of girlfriend magnet? Does hanging out with guy friends make them more attractive to other women? Maybe the lunkheads eventually cotton to better behaviour towards the fairer sex? They sure as hell can’t read my mind and get testily told off for being idiots most of the time.

Chope. This is all good but what about me? Hallo, kawan-kawan, can you please return the favour? Yes, I am happy that you lunkheads have found your special someone. Now can you please get off your arses and feel free to expend some mojo/good karma to me? When you get married, I will pow a bigger ang pow in gratitude, kthanxbye J

Unfortunately, my freakish powers do not extend to my female friends. In contrast, they seem to break up, seek independence and the freedom to do whatever and whomever they want ;) Talk about role reversals!

Ah well, you can’t have everything, right?

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Belly B said...

Ha! I am the exact opposite! For some reason, most of my guy friends who are close to me never seem to be able to land a girlfriend! And when they leave the country and stay away from me for a certain amount of time, BAM! Attached! (Completely platonic friends too!) :D

<3 Belly B

Bitchy Witchy said...

Hello! And it is a weird kind of feeling, really. Sometimes you just have to smack someone just so that you can feel 'normal' again :)


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