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Hello alls! *waves* I am still alive and mosey-ing along :)

It has been a hectic couple of months with work, classes and  also rehearsals coming together. Granted, it's nothing new but God-dammit, I'm dying for my summer break! Mid-year is always the busiest time, literally turning you into a crazy-ass octopus.

Being busy is great, I love it. Having different things to do means learning to work them all into my schedule with the least amount of chaos. It's a juggling act for sure, balancing work and all sorts of client needs, colleagues plus incorporating time to work on my techniques, learn new performance routines, take classes and developing a small shines routine for the team. The biggest challenge this year is to balance dance while at the same time, work harder within the billable hours, putting in extra hours when necessary.

Getting the right mix of work-life balance is bloody hard! Work is always be there and while you try not to work off-hours, it takes some freaking skill to plan ahead to ensure that things are done on time. After shutting down for the day, it's time to psyche myself up for practice or classes. Not easy when there are some crazy people demanding attention even after work. This year, the team is learning a new routine and style that we are largely unfamiliar with. Things are coming together but it takes a lot of time and practice. We're looking forward to wow-ing the salseros in Thailand in November, hence we're working extra hard to ensure that the routine's amazing!

That said, the personal goals for this year are coming along quite nicely; learning new styles, no injury time and pulling back on social drinking. I'm not a crazy alchy but I recognize that combining both on practice days kill. Performers know this and yes, I've had bad days which were totally counterproductive so cutting drinking is a relatively easy decision. No more drinking especially on practice nights. Health-wise, I've managed to stay on track with no injury and things are looking good.

Am bloody glad that with all this and work, I've not turned into a bigger panda than I already am! The downside is that patience is not something I have in spades and I suffer no fools. When things get crazy, it's essential that all parties pitch in to run things as smoothly as we can. Therefore it's important to factor in time to breathe or go postal.

Can you believe that it's already mid-year? Fucking hell! Still more excitement to come for sure, and it'll take more patience (must find from somewhere or import!), hard work and resilience to make it all work. And to that I say: Bring it on!

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