Breaking free

And so, after about three months, I bid adieu to online dating. Guess I was not as adventurous as I should’ve been and I just didn’t want to meet any strange people. Especially people who cannot spell my name properly or think that I am a phone service that wants to call them just to say hi.  

The guys who wanted to meet me were either getting long in the tooth themselves, were really keen on getting married or were keen on a fling. I'm no saint but it gets my back up when guys that i have never met declare that they want a serious relationship and intend to get married soon. It's all good telling telling me what you aspire to but don’t get too carried away with your ideals and assume that I would blindly follow. Men are weird…they claim to know what they want and once they’ve made up their minds, all I keep hearing is them expounding their key message ad nauseum.

As for me, I have to meet the person to get a sense of who they are. What is the point of building castles in the air only to meet the person and discover that you are incompatible? Emails and all are fine as an introductory measure but I still have to meet the person. Hang out, talk and generally see where things go from there. Email helps me filter out the pests too. It may sound weird to you but if the emails are too fluffy or too horrendously written, I won't consider writing back. Sometimes a cursory message will do. Chances are, if you can't be bothered to write properly, you probably won't be able to hold a conversation too. 

A week before I cancelled the account, it suddenly picked up. I received a couple of emails from a few interesting people and decided to communicate with them via personal email.  Where were these fellas before? Sheesh. While I don’t have the most exciting personality, I’d still give them a shot to see where they are coming from. Despite that, I still got rid of the account over the weekend. Online dating is nice if you have the will to carry through with it or if you like to tease. I am hardly a tease and acting cute just makes me queasy so it’s not really for me. Maybe I have to be of a different mindset for this.

As such, I’ve decided to focus on other ventures, like planning my next holiday! There is only so much I can do to plot to ensnare a man and it takes two to tango. So, why keep pushing things? It didn’t take me long to realize that I’ve been happy running my life as it is.  There are not many complications and I have the freedom to fit things into my schedule as I like.

Hence I am plotting to run away yet again. My mid-year break will take me half way around the world to friends that I’ve promised to visit for years. I love these wanderlust journeys…refreshes my mind and shows me that there is much more to experience in the world other than only in my environment.  Who knows what other adventures may beckon then? *rubs hands in glee*


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