Those dastardly expectations
We’re all guilty of having them. It’s what we do with them that makes life more enjoyable and not just a cesspool of despair. Heh.

Was re-visitng a couple of favourite movies on the weekend and decided to take a second stab at Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air. While the film centres around George Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham, what intrigued me was the interplay between the characters and their take on relationships.

In my last post, I was busy ranting about dating and the single girl. Watching the film made me realize that some points raised by its female protagonists, Vera Farmiga (Alex Goran) and Anna Kendrink (Natalie Keener) strike pretty close to home. Here’s the excerpt:

Natalie Keener: I thought I'd be engaged by now. I thought by 23, I'd be married, maybe have a kid, corner office by day, entertaining at night. I was supposed to be driving a Grand Cherokee by now.
Alex Goran: Well, life can underwhelm you that way.
Natalie Keener: Where did you think you'd be by err...?
Alex Goran: It doesn't work that way. At a certain point, you stop with the dead lines. It can be a little counter productive.
Natalie Keener: I don't want to say anything that is anti feminist. I really appreciate everything that your generation did for me.
Alex Goran: It was our pleasure.
Natalie Keener: Sometimes it feels like, no matter how much success I have, it's not gonna matter until I find the right guy. I could have made it work, he really fit the bill, you know. White collar, 6'1, college grad, loves dogs, likes funny movies, brown hair, kind eyes, works in finance but is outdoorsy. I always imagined he'd have a single syllable name like Matt or John or Dave. In a perfect world, he drives a 4 runner and the only thing he loves more than me is his golden lab. And a nice smile. What about you?
Alex Goran: You know, honestly by the time you're 34, all the physical requirements just go out the window. You secretly pray that he'll be taller than you, not an asshole would be nice just someone who enjoys my company, comes from a good family. You don't think about that when you're younger. Someone who wants kids, likes kids. Healthy enough to play with his kids. Please let him earn more money than I do, you might not understand that now but believe me, you will one day otherwise that's a recipe for disaster. And hopefully, some hair on his head. I mean, that's not even a deal breaker these days. A nice smile. Yea, a nice smile just might do it.
Natalie Keener: Wow. That was depressing

It’s amusing how many friends still list out the physical attributes of a potential man. Is age a factor? Or does cynicism set in with age? My perceptions of people continue to change with the people I meet and interact with. It's a hell lot tougher to determine what people want today or if they can even be straight with you in the first place.

Come to think of it, I have never set personal deadlines. These bloody things depress me because there is no way me or anyone can control it. It's an unnecessary burden. It hinges on a lot of outside factors, chief among them, that other half that you are so intent on capturing.

So excuse me, world, while I carry on with my life. Ranting aside, there is nothing worse than letting your life come to a stand still. On to the next great adventure!

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