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No matter how much Singapore tries to be as open-minded as possible on film censorship, they manage to fuck up. Is it because they are afraid of repercussions or discussions that a film may provoke? Or that Singaporeans may suddenly have a mind of their own?

I came across an article on Yawning Bread on the film, The Way I See It: Stories on Human Rights. There is nothing wrong a film that carries a strong message but to rate it R21? Why can't the film be screened under a PG rating and have it open for discussions instead? Ok, if PG is too open, how about NC16 for the more conservative people? Hey, if the idea is to get as many eyeballs as possible to watch this film and get people thinking about human rights, I think that it should be screened for the public and let them decide.

Kudos to Singapore's human rights group, Maruah for bringing the film in. Wish I knew of the screening earlier, I'd have signed up to watch it.

And on a lighter note,I think the guys at got a bit Tron-crazy. But still, very cool:

Salesforce LIVE at Dreamforce - Tron from Bryan Ebzery on Vimeo.


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