I is still alive...barely

Haven't been blogging for some time now, thanks primarily to work and commitments to my activities.

Work is my primary source of entertainment and yes, still chugging along nicely. I guess after being around so long, you get new projects, you work, bitch, repeat cycle.There is some excitement but on the whole, nothing much changes. Really. Oh, except when you have a bunch of crazy colleagues who are really, really thirsty and sometimes quite mad...just like you :p

Then there are the post-work activities. People have asked me, why the hell do you take so many classes? Well, the point is this: I love dancing and this year, my aim is to improve my overall fitness level, do more challenging classes that push me physically and mentally and perform more. Well, guess I'm getting that in spades...and improving my French to boot! Now, how many of you can do that?

One wedding down, two more to go! I have to say that I love going to weddings. There's something so wonderful about seeing two people so happy and so much in love embarking on a new phase of life. My cynical heart gets a little tingle from all the warm fuzzies =) The parts that I am not fond of is (1)  the Chinese tradition where the groom is tortured with weird games before he enters the bride's family home to claim her. Just pay up and go get the bride, I say! (2) fetching the bride in the wee hours of the morning. I probably have a slight advantage in this with experience in managing events. I can look alive at any time of the day cos it's just like work and you are there to fulfil a purpose. My tip to anyone else who is going to be a bridesmaid or sister: get enough sleep the night and dash on some makeup! The events may happen at some unearthly hour, but you do not need to look like an undead slob. It shows in pictures, trust me.  

My next goal is... to get some well-deserved rest. This means staying home and probably getting one full day of R&R which is easier said than done. Even at home I potter about but at least I have the option of getting some snooze time, if needed!

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