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The things we do for friends :)

Wedding dinners can be such a pain sometimes, taking months to plan. There is a over-long dinner where we will watch videos of the couple, hear tedious speeches by families and friends. Depending on where you end up, sometimes the food is so-so and the company blah. At times you wish there is lots of alcohol so that you can drown some of your sorrows away.

Thankfully, more friends are moving away from boring wedding dinners. While there are still some who love this (and I'm not knocking you), there are a more who are making their wedding a little more unique. Wedding dinners do not have to be clunky affairs which are  held because the couple is obliged to. What makes a wedding more fun or memorable is when the couple throw a dinner where they too enjoy the process.

I recently agreed to help out at a friend's wedding this November by performing in a dance item that she has longed to do for her wedding. The group who will be performing is made up of old dance mates, who are a really cool bunch so this should be a blast! Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite movies and to be part of that finale, will definitely be something to remember. Can't wait! In the meantime, here is a little preview to give you an idea of what we will be doing. Thankfully, none of us will be singing.

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