Fool on a hill

Sometimes, you go to concerts to enjoy the music, the atmosphere, the sound... and sometimes you go to simply ROCK OUT! Or in the highly learned words of the Curse-dog, it is 'rock out with your balls out!' Which is exactly how me and almost 5,000 other concert go-ers did at Fort Canning hill on 7 April at the Kaiser Chiefs maiden performance in Singapore. Who could predict that they had more than three fans here? Ok ok, I will quit being snarky but that said. It was great...well, not as good as Coldplay who dropped by a few weeks ago, but still...

Bloody hot and humid weather notwithstanding, the crowd spent the night, singing off key with intermitted pogo-ing :o)

And to the powers-that-be...since Kaiser has such a huge fanbase here, how about bringing in Bloc Party, Interpol or even The Killers next? Please?


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