Crabby patty!

Just what is it with people and pets? I guess it’s the need for unconditional love, for that one being to love us despite all our flaws. Having that one being who will not mock us when we make silly mistakes or kick us when we are down. That is love.

When I was younger, I wanted to feel that love too. So, we hived off to the kampong and my dad got me a tiny, downy, little chick. It was buttery soft, giving little cheeps here and there and I was so totally in love. In a few months, the little chick grew up into a hen. And then a few months later…the little hen, who produced my daily egg became the kiam chy kueh (chicken and preseved vegetable soup) which was dinner…thanks to dear ol’Ah Kong. Roar...

In our teenage years, my sister was fascinated with lots of animals. From mewling cats, to tiny furball kittens, to white mice, to one very exotic kangaroo rat that hopped about like a bean on springs, all our little pets were so cool. And they were also secret because of one person. My mum. Mum was terrified of them all. Not just scared; it’s scream-your-lungs-out, point-and-flail, stand-on-a-chair, screaming-like-a-banshee kind of terrified. All this and more, while the critters are in their cage. And the drama never ends for when my sis turned 20, she got dwarf hamsters. This time they were in the open when mum came across them – it was like déjà vu…from hell.

Then last night, JS came online. Now this guy looks like one of the most serious people around and he had the most incredulous MNS tags ever…”I want a pet crab” Not just any crab but a Chinese mitten crab. Being an avid foodie, I strongly believe that the only place a crab will be is on my plate, drenched in chili, and egg and piping hot...yummy! I mean look at it…JS is of the opinion that crabs are cool cos of their alien look. To me, it looks more like something that came out of 8 Legged Freaks…What if it grows to the size of a house? Or spawns? What if it came out to attack you, your family, your cat? It will wait and spring out at you, like…RARRAARRR!

All JS could say to that was…well SS, I think you have quite the imagination, he intoned. Did I mention that he has this deep and mumbly, yet deadpan voice? Although we were on MSN, I swear, I could hear his voice in my head, followed by this loud guffaw. Ah JS…I miss hanging out with you after rehearsals. Wacky humor is what you have :o)

As for me…I don’t think I will be having a pet anytime soon. Too many long hours, too little time for the furries. Maybe it could be that I fear I’d be eaten alive. Yes, right…that’ll be my excuse.

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